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HV-1325 Magotan Series Click1997

Performance Overview / Properties

        Gantry engraving machine is designed for machining a workpiece within three to ATC requirements, and customer needs slotted perforated surface measurements and design, which eliminates the need for cumbersome intermediate tool change to improve production efficiency, but also greatly reduces the purchase cost of production equipment, a machine affordable.


For industry / For industry

Doors and furniture decoration industry:

Wood and composite doors, cabinet doors, large area flat plate engraving wood, furniture sculpture, mural art of wood carving.

Wood products processing:

Watches, electrical counter tops, sports equipment

The music industry:

Instrument can be carved three-dimensional surface, shape cutting.

Handicraft Industry:

Picture frames, jewelry boxes

Electronics industry:

Circuit board, insulation materials, LED displays and other carvings

Advertising Industry

PVC, ABC, PP, KT, aluminum panels, etc.


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